Opportunities and Funding


The one thing most budding entrepreneurs worry about when they are starting their businesses is exactly where they will find the money to fund their start up. Some are fortunate and can ask family or friends but most people don’t have anyone to borrow from and starting the business will be to actually supplement the income at home. Because we are women getting bank loans is sometimes difficult because most of us don’t have the needed collateral and even if we do it’s often in our husbands or fathers names making it even more difficult to access finance. How do we go about it then?


Don’t worry much and don’t let these little setbacks slow you down. Many governments across the continent have noticed these challenges that women are facing and are doing more to help women get better access to finance. They are working with banks to find solutions to the collateral problem. While they bump heads and work out solutions for female entrepreneurs, here is a list of organisations who fund and empower female led businesses and organisations. Look through the list, do some research and apply to the funds you qualify for ;


  1. Global Fund for Women.
  2. Small Grants For Women.
  3. African Women’s Development Fund.
  4. The Isivande Womens’ Fund.
  5. Women Empowerment Fund.
  6. Business Partners Empowerment Fund.
  7. IDF Managers Fund.
  8. Enabilis Acceleration Fund.
  9. The National Empowerment Fund.
  10. ABSA Women Empowerment Fund.
  11. The Special Projects and Programmes Unit.
  12. Women in Oil and Energy S.A.


These funds were created for female led organisations and are available to anyone who meets their different criterias. Don’t hesitate to visit their websites and contact them to find out how they can help you. All the best!!