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How can we service our clients better & grow our businesses?

Our businesses have been labelled as those who fail, those who make mistakes, those who don’t deliver excellent customer service. Synergize Management was formed to help our businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and change the narrative that currently exists. We believe that by helping businesses in places where they lack, we will put them in a position where they can deliver exceptional customer service and grow. Here are tips to help our businesses to deliver excellent customer service.

  1. Respect: Most of us are brought up on respect. We know what it means to respect a person, we also know how to treat people with respect. When you are offering a service to people, it is imperative that you respect them. Respect their time, respect them for choosing you. We shared a link detailing points under respect: https://spark.adobe.com/page/vH6ZfUPazoo1M/

  1. Demographic: Know your clients and the environment you are serving in. Make it your business to understand what influences the people of that place, what drives their behaviour, what do they value. Learn to include yourself in the environment you serve.

  1. Client’s Needs: The reason why you’re providing a service is because there’s a need. Know what your client needs and how do they need it. Study your clients so that you can anticipate certain behaviours and be able to deal with any inconveniences promptly.

  1. Feedback: Your clients are the most important people when it comes to feedback because they have used your service and they have dealt with you. So, when they complain or compliment you, keep that feedback for your own growth.

  1. Listening: Listen to your clients, listen to the industry you are working under. Listen to potential clients. Listening is a skill that will grow your business outside your plans. You will improve your service, you will improve your product and improve your business overall just by listening. Some ideas will be born while listening. Word of mouth is still an important source of marketing. If you listen to your clients, you are also listening to your potential clients.

  1. TCF: Treat your customers fairly. Do not judge your clients or treat them differently just because some have a large following on social media or they are your friends. All your clients are equally special and should be treated well. Have a standard of how you treat your clients, monitor your employees and teach them if they fall short.

  1. Evaluate: After you have done all the above-mentioned points, evaluate your business, yourself and your employees. See what is going well, what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. Evaluation will always keep you on your toes because you see where you come from, what you did to be better and where you are.

We don’t encourage people to get in business for wrong reasons. There must a need you are satisfying or a need you are going to make us aware of that we were not paying attention to. Where there is a need you are serving, you are bound to evolve because people evolve. If your customers want your product a certain way in 2018, best believe in 2020 there will be requiring it in a new/different way. It might be the same product, but other things surrounding how they access and consume it would have changed

Synergize Management’s existence revolves around improving customer service and changing the narrative in which Black owned businesses are portrayed. We believe that before we can rate your level of customer service, we must first check if you have all the required resources to deliver exceptional customer service. It does not make sense to rate you without checking first if you have received enough assistance in growing and positioning your business. We must all understand that we exist to help people, without people our businesses will not grow. In dealings with people, be human.

Written by:

Ayanda Msomi (@AyandaBeing)

Founder of Synergize Management (@SynergizeSA)


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