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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. It’s not a day job. And in Africa we are lucky. We are at a place where we can create this lifestyle. We are just in the beginning and so with the many opportunities that our ‘volatile’ market presents, we also have options. We know better. We have a rich global history to learn from with all the information available to us on the internet.

The internet that also gives us access to our market. Africa is the fastest growing mobile market with half a billion projected active digitally accessible customers on their mobile phone by 2020.

Our female African brand spotlight this issue talked about the African consumer and how important it is that we take the time to understand our market and create product that will ring true.

It’s a fulfilling life but it also comes with challenges that make us entrepreneurs prone to a whole lot of mental stress which if left unchecked turns into disease. Cancer is a real thing and we have to turn things around in our health in order for us to be here for the change we are working to see.

We explore all of this and more in the issue so take a walk through.

It can be rough but it’s very doable. I think it’s so exciting. And I also think black women have to lead right at the front with the men for us to make this lifestyle of enterprise one that will really have a positive impact on our society as a whole.  We know our continent Africa needs all the positivity it can get.

AQ Mag is about affirming this narrative by creating a network of women who are living this lifestyle, showing that it can be done and inspiring the next generation.

This issue had many challenges but we are trying to do something new for our market so aligning all the elements took some time but good thing there is no giving up. We did it and we will keep doing it until we have it nailed to a profit.

Give us feedback! Let’s Ubuntu. It’s about community and helping each other grow.

Mudzithe Phiri

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