Driven by her love for Africa, inspiration to change the African narrative to something more positive as well as a drive to make her late parents proud, Vénicia Guinot has created a name for herself in Africa’s media industry. She is a media powerhouse to be admired.

Vénicia is determined to brand Africa as a top business and investment destination as well as unite Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Born into a family of go-getters, her father, Mr. Marcel Bavouéza-Guinot, was a top Congolese Venture Capitalist and her mother, Mrs. Julienne Mankassa, was a renowned Congolese Humanitarian who worked for the United Nations for more than 14 years. With such beaming role models Vénicia was always destined for greatness.

When she was an undergraduate in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, she was a recipient of the WINROCK INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR GIRLS initiated by the former President Bill Clinton. At 19 she took the bold decision of moving to South Africa on her own to fulfill her dream of building her own media empire.

Venicia Guinot

Vénicia boasts of a formidable 10-year career as a Business Leader which has earned her numerous accolades, trophies and international recognition. She began her career in publishing as a South African based Correspondent for various publications such as AMINA MAGAZINE in France, VENTURES AFRICA in Nigeria, FOLK MAGAZINE in Norway, CUISINE NOIR in the U.S etc., and at the same time, she was working towards launching her own publication. She has, since 2009, held titles such as Media Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Radio Host and Business Influencer.

Vénicia is a Founding Partner of the TROPICS GROUPS OF COMPANIES (Pty) Ltd. and since its establishment she has been serving as a Chairwoman. She has initiated various movements under the TROPICS GROUP OF COMPANIES.

She is also a Publisher and Editor in Chief of the award winning TROPICS MAGAZINE, the first bilingual magazine from Africa published in both English and French. The magazine serves an audience of 700,000+ worldwide online readership in Africa, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Vénicia Guinot was selected as the Senior Executive Member of the Miriam Makeba Foundation in South Africa, DIVAS OF COLOR AWARDS recipient – Editor of the Year 2016 in London, and one of the “Most Creative People of 2016” according to English C.Hub Magazine in the United Kingdom. This inspiring lady is also one of the TONY ELUMELU FOUNDATION Entrepreneurship Program Alumni (2015 Cohort).

In October 2017, Vénicia hosted the first annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT & Gala Dinner in Johannesburg, South Africa which successfully brought global business stakeholders on South African soil. Now in its 3rd year, TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT – The Impact Investing Marketplace 2019 is a unique opportunity for participating institutions and organizations to connect with up to 600 official participants and close to 4,000 attendees and exhibition visitors in a variety of government and private sectors.

Vénicia has grown tremendously both as a Media Entrepreneur and a Mentor, impacting the world positively. As one of the strong voices behind Media Entrepreneurship on the African continent, she strongly believes in the power of media in empowering citizens, generating innovation and changing the mindsets socially. With entrepreneurs like Vénicia Guinot, Africa’s future looks even brighter. It is by no doubt that she is one of Africa’s youngest notable-players in the media industry.

“Transforming ideas into economic opportunities  in the scope of the African Continental Free Trade Area is the crux of entrepreneurship. And like any emerging economy aiming to move ahead, Africa as a whole still need lots of Media Entrepreneurs who are excellent female and male risk takers, smart implementers and great rule-breakers with the aim of bringing to life new trends, technologies, medium, services and creating new markets  as well as driving job creation along the way.” – Vénicia GUINOT