Hirsch’s Struben’s Valley had the opportunity to host a Women In Business Network Event where guest speaker and Margaret Hirsch WIB finalist addressed the ladies about the science of sales.  Nicole explained that sales have become less of a presentation and more of a conversation.  This change in the method of sales leaves many in a vulnerable state of mind.

Said Nicole: “ We need to understand  what qualities reflect our natural selling style and which qualities are overplayed, to a point where they can negatively impact the success of the sale”.

“The basic rule of thumb has been to understand the client, listen to their needs and get to know them, but if you don’t understand your own needs and at what point your natural sales qualities become overextended, how can you possible connect with the client? “continued Nicole from Business Doctors.  “She concluded by saying that by training our brain to recognize our overextended sales qualities, we can eliminate the erratic follow-through of a sale and turn it into a good, solid galvanized relationship”, commented PRO for Struben’s Valley, Dorette Nel.


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