Khanyisela Dayi

We always encourage our network to share their stories with us. Here’s how a brave young woman didn’t let initial failure discourage her from continuing to pursue entrepreneurship.

I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur. I started my entrepreneurship journey 2 years ago when I incorporated a baby clothing brand called Baba Gump. The vision was to create affordable high quality children’s clothing, but after months of preparation planning and spending more than R 30 000 on getting this business off the ground, it unfortunately did not make it. It failed before it even launched.

I did not plan on starting another business after my first business failed. I was convinced that entrepreneurship was not meant for me but unknown to me my next business chose me. I was helping my personal trainer with the registration of his company and monitoring his books, he then introduced me to other personal trainers and small business owners within the gym that needed my services. Then my Accounting consultancy “Accviory Solutions” was incorporated.


I then registered my company, created a company profile and started advertising the business. I left my full time job and started working from home. My biggest fear going in was not only failure, it was also the fear of going into a pale male industry, especially since I am a young black female. But this fear fueled me into wanting to prove myself and make sure that everything that I do is driven by excellence. I live by the words of Ran Neu-ner “Excellence or nothing” and I expect this from everyone around me especially my team.


I have come to find that contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship/being your own boss is not a walk in the park. It requires obsession and consistency, grit, dedication, belief in yourself and in my opinion a little bit of craziness. If I ever were to give my two cents on running a business, it would be that “you actually need to do the work”. After the branding and advertising and smiling for the camera, you actually have to roll up your sleeves and do excellent work.

Khanyisela Dayi


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