This Workers day the Aviation Development in Africa held a small event to welcome the arrival of the Phenom 300E jet, the first in the world, to South Africa as part of their bid to raise awareness of the aviation industry in the country.

The Aviation Development in Africa (ADA) is a non profit organization founded in 2014 by Boitumelo Katisi and Moeketsi Joseph Lebitsa. The organization is made up of pilots, law students, people in finance and even photography. They operate with the main aim of bringing awareness to the aviation industry as well as raising funds for young people who want to study aviation.

Through their fund (Young Aviators Fund) they aim to look for sponsors to support aspiring aviators to go through their training as aviation schools are expensive and out of reach for most aspiring students. They want to bring more equality to an industry where 92% of pilot licenses are held by men and only 8% by women. Of these people with pilot licenses only 6% are people of color.

Phenom 300e

The goal this year is to get sponsorship for about 100 students to study. They will host a gala dinner on the 28th of September and invite potential sponsors as well as hold an auction to raise funds. In a bid to raise awareness of careers available in aviation the ADA visits schools, especially those in poorer communities, to teach them about the industry and open their minds to the possibility of them working there someday.

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