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Winds Of Change Church in Mondeor and Eldorado Park recently initiated a charity drive to collect sanitary pads for a school in Freedom Park.   Pastor Taguta Dube who is the Youth pastor for the church realised the need in the area as they were travelling towards their church meeting one day.  Together with Pastors Jerome &  Estrelita Damon,  they realised that the youth needed to be assisted with healthcare and hygiene  in order to make a difference to their lives.


Pastor Dube was watching a program on TV about Margaret Hirsch from Hirsch’s Home store and he immediately contacted her for assistance.  “Margaret Hirsch does a lot for uplifting women in the community and I immediately knew that she was the right person to approach” commented pastor Dube.  He continued:  “It took two years to finally set a date and get the ball rolling as Mrs Hirsch is a very busy woman and she called me back whilst she was travelling abroad and agreed to help the girls at the school”. “I am feeling so honored that we are finally able to make a difference in the life of the less fortunate”, he said whilst visiting the school with Margaret Hirsch.

Margaret will be visiting the school in the near future and donate reusable sanitary pads to the learners.  She will also be addressing the girls on health and hygiene and how to take care of their bodies.  Margaret Hirsch teaches self esteem and life skills to many less fortunate people and to empower women, is one of her passions in life.    Of course the male learners will also benefit by this campaign as Margaret has appointed a speaker to talk to the males about staying healthy and a painless method of circumcision.

This is also a challenge for us all as business women. We should be able to recognize the challenges faced in our communities and be willing to lend a helping hand. We hope more of us can contribute to similar campaigns and use our influence to make our communities better.

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