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“ If you live by the Law of Contribution, you will have much to give other people, because growing yourself enables you to grow others” said guest speaker, Debbie Botha at the opening of her inspiring and motivational  talk , which was held at the monthly Women In Business network event at Hirsch store in Strubens Valley.


Debbie believes that one can contribute by making a difference in the lives of others by keeping oneself accountable and by helping others on a daily basis.  “We need to focus on giving and be more intentional in our efforts, in order to add value to others.” said Debbie.  One of the most profound quotes Debbie used to describe this,  is by Zig Zigglar who says” You get everything in life you want, IF you help enough people get what they want.”


She continued to say that  we always  need to  be grateful and develop an attitude of gratitude.  “People that are not grateful are not givers.  Ungrateful people are selfish, constantly complaining and always looking for help and expecting other people to give it to them.  Their selfishness keeps them from sowing and their ingratitude makes them wonder why they don’t reap a harvest” explained Debbie.


The only way to maintain an attitude of generosity is to make it your habit to give, your time, attention, money and resources.   She explained by saying In order to keep giving, we need to keep growing ourselves. Sometimes people stop learning because they become too complacent and lose their innovative spirit. Debbie  concluded by saying that sometimes the seeds we sow take a long time to grow, but we need to remember that we will see a harvest.


“We all love to do what we are good at, but being good at something requires us to keep sharpening the skills.

By treating  others well not only benefits us, but it also helps us to navigate a better life and puts us in a place where we can learn from others, was the main focus of this motivational talk” commented Dorette Nel, PRO for Hirschs Strubens Valley.  If you would like to attend our Women In Business Network events or nominate someone for the Margaret Hirsch Woman In Business Achiever Award, please contact Dorette on dorette.n@hirschs.co.za


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